Many of our experts and employees have accomplished training courses in the European countries (Slovenia, Poland, Czech  Republic,  Germany,  Hungary), as  well  as  in  Japan  and  in  the  United  States  of  America.

Due  to  available  variety  of  machines   for metal  processing and to modern technologies implemented  in  the  company,  all  these  allow  to  guarantee  best  quality  of  final  products.



BLIK AUTOMOTIVE  is  the  largest  metal processing company  in  the  Republic  of Moldova. Our  products  are  exported  to  the  markets  of  several  countries  such  as:  Romania,  Hungary, Poland,  Russia,  Ukraine  and  to  other  CIS  countries.

We offer services for metal processing and manufacturing of parts based on your drawings. Due to the large fleet of machines and advanced technology, we guarantee the quality of the final products. Among the customers of our company in this area there are both domestic and foreign companies from: Italy, Holland, Slovenia and Germany. Years of experience in providing our processing services

is a guarantee of quality. Our  company  also  produce  parts  on  orders  for  well  known  European  companies  such as: Maura (Italy), AP Machinebouw (Netherland), Schonmeier (Germany), KMD Handelsgesellschaft MBH (Germany),  SLK Sonnenschein (Germany). The  annual  exports  quota  of  the  company  is  approximately  65%.

In  the  production  technologies  of  our company  are  implemented  and  successfully  function the Japanese  System  of  Management  20 Keys  and  System  of  Management  based  on  TOC - Theory of Constraints.

Company  is  certified  to  Quality  Assurance  System according to ISO 9000:2008.

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