Our mission

To produce and to deliver to our customers the products with higher technological properties and higher quality, which will increase the performance and facilitate the practical use, by following the ever developing / increasing demand in the face of continuously renewed and advanced industries.


Our goal

To care for and better know about our field of production, about our customers, their expectations and needs and thus to maximize their level of satisfaction, through efficient cooperation of all our working personnel. It will be to our honor and pride that we achieve this target.


Quality policy

The management of the company is aimed at improving of the quality and continuous improvement in all areas of the enterprise.

Working as a team, and involving all staff in the process of continuous quality improvement, we guarantee that the objectives of the company regarding the quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction will be achieved.

The main objective in the sphere of quality is to maintain and improve the quality of products and services to meet the growing needs of both general and external requirements.

Management of the company is directed towards the safety of all processes, and in particular to preserve the health and safety of all personnel, consumers and the entire population.

High quality for a long period - is the norm for the company and it is a business card for new markets.

Adhering to the above, customer satisfaction is the priority of the company: we have to become the preferred supplier for our customers.